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Ace Augustine "The Absolute" CD (USED)

Ace Augustine "The Absolute" CD (USED)

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Rising from the same fertile Pennsylvania grounds as August Burns Red and Once Nothing, Ace Augustine take their musical cues from the style they naturally grew into. Ace Augustine play solid, technical metal mixed with hardcore elements influenced by not only their Lancaster, PA spearheads, but also by various indie acts.

Ace Augustine are known for being some of the youngest artists to perform with such national acts as Sky Eats Airplane, Anberlin, and MyChildren MyBride. This band is full of tenacious young talent, five promising musicians in their salad days turning their dreams into reality. The band released their first EP The Glory of Trumpets in 2009, and are set to release their debut full length on Strike First Records in early 2011.

For Fans Of: August Burns Red, Haste the Day, Oh, Sleeper

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