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Saints Never Surrender "Brutus" LP

Saints Never Surrender "Brutus" LP

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It's with great excitement that Blood & Ink Records is releasing SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER Brutus on vinyl for the first time ever. Originally released in 2008 on CD only, this classic, melodic-hardcore record shot ripples through the hardcore community when it was released. Filled with heartfelt, astonishingly mature songwriting, Brutus brought a new level of intensity and honesty from SAINTS NEVER SURRENDER.

For those previously unfamiliar with the group, members later went on to form Continuance (Rise) and The Ready Set (Decaydance). In 2012, the band reunited at Stand Together Fest (Nashville, TN) and has since been inactive. 

100 - Solid White
200 - Solid Red
200 - Solid Orange

Vinyl includes a download code.

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