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Denison Witmer "Recovered" CD

Denison Witmer "Recovered" CD

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If Cat Power's Chan Marshall can do a covers record, then so can Denison Witmer. Hopefully implying personal recovery as well as a clever record title, Recovered reveals Witmer's influences and admirations that seep into his strong songwriting. And although he's sung about the '80s in the past, here he mostly adopts timeless melodies and lyrics from '70s adult contemporary. Using techniques from that time period (recording live, using vintage equipment), this could easily have been recorded in 1976. Witmer does a great job of re-introducing these works, dusting them off and breathing in new life -- which shouldn't be too difficult for him, considering these songs express Witmer's own personal journeys. Graham Nash's "Simple Man" and Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird," the two leadoff tracks, are just as convincing with Witmer's affecting, anguished voice. Carole King's "So Far Away" is one of the more affecting choices, a solemn piece that is just one example of Witmer's connection to his own delicate songwriting. Due to that relationship, it's a great way to be introduced to an era that may have been overlooked.

For Fans Of: Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams

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