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Total Control "Scene From A Marriage" 7"

Total Control "Scene From A Marriage" 7"

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AustraliaåÕs Total Control grace us with two stellar new tracks of moody garage/post-punk. The band is led by Daniel Stewart (Straightjacket Nation, UV Race) and Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ooga Boogas), and this single comes on the heels of their excellent, massively-hyped Henge Beat LP and split-LP with Thee Oh-Sees. Both songs are exclusive to this release. åÒScene From a MarriageåÓ b/w åÒContractåÓ

For fans of: Mind Spiders, Frodus, UV Race

DISCLAIMER: Some of the lyrics and liner notes might be offensive for some of our customers. We would rather let you know ahead of time, in case you're sensitive to that short of thing. We decided to carry this title because we like it.

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