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A Hope For Home "The Everlasting Man" CD

A Hope For Home "The Everlasting Man" CD

$ 7.99

What began as an emotional outlet for a group of friends during a season of loss has blossomed into a dedicated project that finds them on the road supporting their newest album, 2009's "The Everlasting Man." A concept based off of G.K. Chesterton's novel of the same name, "The Everlasting Man" tells the story of mankind's fall and awaiting redemption. The 11 tracks from "The Everlasting Man" weave through warm, organic textures like those on "The Covenant" then meet up with electronic beats and synthesizers on "Absolution: Of Flight And Failure" only to end up at their heaviest and darkest material yet, heard in "Babylon: The Insatiable Thirst" and "Iniquity: An Offering."

For fans of: Underoath, My Epic, Life In Your Way

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