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Abated Mass of Flesh "The Omen King" CD

Abated Mass of Flesh "The Omen King" CD

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Dissonant, intense heaviness mixed with lurid, wrenching groove and guttural, belligerent slams—ABATED MASS OF FLESH wage an all out assault on the listener from the second they press play. Originally formed as a solo project by Zack Plunkett out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the band have morphed—evolved—into a full-fledged faith filled juggernaut of crushing conviction and devastating dedication to the most visceral power and intensity the genre has to offer.

Filled out by the addition of brother Matthew Plunkett on vocal duties, Kade Dodson on drums and Max Tubville on bass, ABATED MASS OF FLESH released their critically acclaimed Brutal Death and are set to take the world by storm with the release of Deathcrusher and The Anatomy Of Impurity. Furthermore, with a full band and fully-loaded arsenal of unending heaviness, Abated Mass of Flesh are ready to hit the road as a touring act—bringing earth-shattering slams and eviscerating heaviness to a venue close to you.

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