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Denison Whitmer "The Ones Who Wait" CD

Denison Whitmer "The Ones Who Wait" CD

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Fifteen years and nine albums into his career, Denison Witmer is familiar with the unexpected and often quixotic intersections that can take place between life and musical career. His newest album, The Ones Who Wait, is a reflection of this understanding of self and the growth that comes through life experience. It is an intimate reflection on the meandering path of life, on family and friendships, on death balanced with new life, on endings and beginnings. In DenisonåÕs own words, The Ones Who Wait is about åÒpatience and reverence. Being mindful and open to what youåÕre experiencing. A desire to take hold of whatåÕs happening in your life, yet trusting the mystery of it enough to let go and participate rather than dictate.åÓ

For Fans Of: Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams

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