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Fucked Up "Couple Tracks" LP

Fucked Up "Couple Tracks" LP

$ 14.99

MATADOR RECORDS releases the double CD and double LP compilation of FUCKED UP's (recent Polaris Prize winners) many, many hard-to-find uncollected 7" and 12" tracks. 'Couple Tracks' contains 25 songs and is designed as a sequel to their earlier compilation, Epics In Minutes (Deranged, 2004). This new compilation comes with a complete illustrated discography of the contents, with extensive liner notes about each song. Chronologically, it ranges from the A-side of their first single, 'No Pasar n', a commentary on the Spanish Civil War released on Deranged in 2002, to the fast alternate take of 'No Epiphany', their latest 7" on Matador from early 2009. The compilation also contains five unreleased tracks and retails at the price of a single album.


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