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Merchandise "Children of Desire" LP

Merchandise "Children of Desire" LP

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Merchandise are a trio from Tampa, FL. Having formed in 2008, the band has evolved steadily yet remained the same core group of collaborators playing music that generally falls under the vague umbrella of "post-punk." Its members have toured the country for years and years, playing storage units and basements around the country in bands such as Cult Ritual and Neon Blud. Children of Desire, the band's second formal LP, is also their most fully-realized statement to date. Entirely self-recorded and self- produced in the band's Tampa home, the record sees the band expanding their sonic palette in a unique and assured way. Uptempo pop numbers and dance-friendly post-punk tracks blend seemlessly with explorations into maudlin balladry, krautrock texture, and lots of noise.

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