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No Innocent Victim "To Burn Again" CD

No Innocent Victim "To Burn Again" CD

$ 8.99

"To Burn Again" is 14 tracks that many are claiming to be the finest No Innocent Victim material of their 13 year career. Originally formed in 1992, NIV released 2 self promoted albums before signing with Victory Records in 1998 where they released "Flesh And Blood" and "Tipping The Scales". No Innocent Victim are ready to take their music and message to the masses with this landmark release for them and Facedown. Facedown Records #1 was a No Innocent Victim 7" and now 8 years later, Facedown #50 is the most anticipated NIV full length of their career!

For fans of: Terror, Figure Four, Sick Of It All

Also available on vinyl LP from Blood & Ink Records

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