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Pissed Jeans "Honey" LP

Pissed Jeans "Honey" LP

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Honeys stews on the kind of mundane, niggling things that keep you up late at night."Bathroom Laughter" kicks off the record with ominous bass that sputters into Pissed Jean's most stomping track yet. The song is a narrative about being on the periphery of a nasty scene; it's an oblique reminder of the glimpses we get into other people's indiscretions. "Loubs" struts and swings under an unrequited rhapsody to a woman in high heels. In the hands of most bands this would be a moronic blurt, but the Jeans turn it into an uncomfortable monologue of longing. "Health Plan" is more direct: a song about the fear of going to the doctor, delivered at Black Flag velocity. Honeys is an ode to the misery and shackles of being a responsible adult, and the shame of one's own narcissism.

For Fans Of: The Men, Merchandise, Iceage

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