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Sever Your Ties "Safety In The Sea" CD

Sever Your Ties "Safety In The Sea" CD

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Southern California has a knack for bringing chart topping pop acts soaked in surface level appeal, yet lacking in humility, believability and most of all, faith. The men of Sever Your Ties are not the typical Southern California product. Comprised of six best friends, Solid State RecordsåÕ most recent discovery is more than just a young band intent on proving themselves and finding success. Rather than aiming for the top of the charts, Sever Your Ties instead targets the hearts, minds and emotions of those who are willing to listen. This noble approach has brought the band immense success, a strong fan base, and the ability to spend their nights picking their fans up, spreading their message and living their dreams.

For fans of: Burden Of A Day, Destroy The Runner, Gwen Stacy

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