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Starflyer 59 "Dial M" CD

Starflyer 59 "Dial M" CD

$ 7.99

You have come to expect Starflyer 59 to be the most reliable, most dependable, yet most undeniably unpredictable messengers of album after album of quality independent rock tunes. Over ten albums deep, over fifteen years time, from the early guitar-heavy shoegazing era to the ethereal moodiness of The Fashion Focus years to the latest incarnations and recreations of themselves as keyboard-driven masters of chorus, this is and always will be a band who will deliver great songs with new sounds. Feeling speaks first on "Dial M" above all else, but just donåÕt expect a trade of songwriting or sonic surprise for sentiment. And there is more than one dose of the unexpected here: instead of any sense of drive to the guitar sounds, SF59 goes the opposite direction, which proves to be a wondrous decision, Mr. M. and company rely heavily on assorted analog keys and synths, with a sprinkling of acoustic guitar. Somber, yet reflective, mournful, yet hopeful, "Dial M", is Martin at his sleeve-wearing finest.

For Fans Of: The Magnetic Fields, Guided By Voices, The Smashing Pumpkins

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