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Sufjan Stevens "A Sun Came" CD

Sufjan Stevens "A Sun Came" CD

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Asthmatic Kitty announces a new edition of "A Sun Came," the 1999 debut album by Sufjan Stevens. Widely acclaimed, singer/songwriter Sufjan Steven's first solo collection has been skillfully remastered, with two previously unreleased tracks and new art by Stephen Halker. Recorded on 4-track while still in college, "A Sun Came" first demonstrated Sufjan's eclectic instrumentalism - he plays over a dozen instruments here - noted production skills, and heartfelt songwriting. Though little known until listeners and reviewers discovered "Michigan", "A Sun Came" foreshadows Sufjan's later work, and stands on it's own as an expression of his unique talents. A stunning blend of '60s psychedelic pop influences with Middle Eastern and East Indian musical touches and a trace of experimental noise, "A Sun Came" grips the listener from the very first notes and doesn't let go until you've reached the end of Stevens' 72 minute opus.

For fans of: Danielson Famile, David Bazan, Aaron Sprinkle

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