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v/a "Ordinary Radicals Soundtrack" CD

v/a "Ordinary Radicals Soundtrack" CD

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Featuring music from mewithoutYou to Pomegranates to Psalters to The Blue Letter, The Ordinary Radicals Soundtrack spans a wide range of genres while maintaining a thematic connection.

For those unfamiliar with The Ordinary Radicals documentary, the film follows renowned authors/activists Shane Claiborne an Chris Haw on their US/Canada tour for their book "Jesus For President", while also showcasing progressive movements within the Christian community.

Artists featured on this release: The Nowhere Boys, Psalters, Anne Weiss, Joshua Park, The Cobalt Season, Jes Karper, John Mallinen, Carl Sexton, Birdie Bush, The Blue Letter, Drew Grow, NevereveN, Jon Felton & Soulmobile, mewithoutYou, The Spinning Leaves, and Pomegranates.

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