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Woe of Tyrants "Threnody" CD

Woe of Tyrants "Threnody" CD

$ 12.99

Woe Of Tyrants spent the entirety of 2009 criss-crossing the US on a multitude of tours. After the grueling schedule came to a close, did they head home to rest and take some time off? NOPE! They dove right into songwriting for the follow-up to their sophomore album and Metal Blade debut, Kingdom Of Might. This time around, the guys have seriously turned up the shred-knob and churned out some of the most exciting songs weåÕve heard swirling around the Metal Blade offices in quite some time. On this record, youåÕll find equal parts speed, groove and over the top guitar soloing. Headbanging will be mandatory.

For fans of: Sylosis, Wretched, Arsis

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