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Dwell "Innate" LP

Dwell "Innate" LP

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DWELL officially formed in 2014 in Kernersville, NC, featuring its current lineup of Jacob (vocals), Isaac (Drums), Ian (Guitar), Ryan (Bass) and Jeremy (Guitar). But their history is much deeper… Ian and Isaac are twin brothers and they are longtime friends with Jeremy, Jacob and Ryan; playing together in a handful of local hardcore bands. DWELL quickly grabbed the attention of Blood & Ink Records with their intense, chaotic live show and unique take on ’90s style metallic hardcore. The label released their debut, self-titled EP, in March of 2015. 

DWELL will drop their full-length effort, Innate via Blood & Ink on September 9. 

Innate has been a long process of writing songs, scrapping those songs and writing new ones. Musically, we wanted to expand our boundaries on what we could write and play in a live setting. Lyrically, it's an album we hope will challenge people on their thought process towards and beyond a material world; I've challenged myself on what I believe in and continue to do so,” said vocalist Jacob Lilly.

For Fans Of: Converge, Turmoil, Advent 

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102 - Black
424 - Blue / Black Mix

Vinyl includes a digital download code.

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