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Debtor "Bloodseeds" CD

Debtor "Bloodseeds" CD

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Debtor has come a long way since first joining the B&I roster in late 2009. Since that time, the band's lineup has been dramatically reconfigured, though continually featuring frontman Alan Popoli at the helm. With a newly invigorated group of musicians, Debtor set out to craft what would become the band's first proper full length, Bloodseeds, arguably what we feel is one of the best melodic hardcore albums to be released in quite some time. Debtor at once recalls the fervor and passion of Strongarm and early Shai Hulud, yet still managing to provide a unique take on the sound, all the while filling each song with heartfelt, potent lyrics. This album will stir you to the core unlike anything you've heard in recent memory... in the best possible way.

For fans of: Strongarm, Shai Hulud, Verse


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