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The Out_Circuit "Burn Your Scripts, Boys" 12-in

The Out_Circuit "Burn Your Scripts, Boys" 12-in

$ 19.99

The Out_Circuit are a band from Washington DC. Founded by Nathan Burke and Andy Gale in 2000, the band added and subtracted members until it was perfectly rounded out by Bob Massey and Paul Michel. Combining the energy and punctuality of DC punk with an attention to mood and atmosphere à la Smiths and Radiohead, The Out_Circuit have created a totally original sound that truly defies categorization. Catchy without being derivative, atmospheric without being boring, experimental without losing focus, The Out_Circuit has made fans out of both the most casual music fans and the most jaded scenesters.

With the release of their debut, Burn Your Scripts Boys, The Out_Circuit are poised to bring their music to the attention of all who will listen. Anyone who does not embrace them for the sheer beauty of their debut recording will no doubt be won over by their intense and captivating live show. Fans who have not yet seen them live will be astounded by how well such rich, atmospheric music translates in a live setting.


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