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Thorn vs. Side "Arson" CD

Thorn vs. Side "Arson" CD

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Thorn Vs. Side is an essay in the extended metaphor, an exploration of literature, life, and the relationship between the two. Pablo Picasso once said that art is an exorcism, and this band is an attempt to quell the demons. The goal of this band was never to be the progenitors of anything outside of a renaissance of honesty. If music is the mind's aid to understanding life and life is nothing but a complex series of inter and intra-personal relationships, than music must be our guide to discovering the nature of these relationships. Plus, suffering sounds better in harmony. Armed with this knowledge, we sally forth. Thorn Vs. Side was formed late in 2003 over coffee in Dallas, TX by the minds of vocalist / guitarist Nick Nowell (ex-Society's Finest) and guitarist Zach Neeley (ex-Fontane). Instead of abandoning the DIY ethos and the passionate energy of the hardcore scene out of which the two had arisen, they strengthened them and trudged through lineup changes and the loss of countless practice spaces with the goal of creating an artistic unit whose value was more than the sum of its parts. After eventually completing the lineup with bassist Luis Rolong and drummer Jordan Cole, the group began work on honing an honest musical endeavor unlike any of the constituents' previous efforts. Arson is Thorn Vs. Side's labor of love, recorded over the winter of '05-'06 at Maximedia Studios in Dallas by veteran producer Michael Havens who has worked with many artists including The Polyphonic Spree, Vanilla Ice, and Chamillionare. It was mastered in New York by Alan Douches (Jets to Brazil, Mastodon, Converge). Arson is a shining display of Thorn Vs. Side's brand of technical power-rock, whose soaring harmonies and lyrical nods to literature fit comfortably with the likes of Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, and Samiam.

For fans of: Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, Samiam

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