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With Increase "Death Is Inevitable" LP

With Increase "Death Is Inevitable" LP

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Two years since their release of "Signs of the Time" and miles of maturity later, With Increase is set to unleash their debut full-length LP, “Death Is Inevitable” on February 25, 2014 via Blood & Ink Records. With its brutal yet melodic guitars and menacing, guttural vocals, “Death Is Inevitable” is about life, pain, consequences of mistakes and the prejudices of this world. Following in the footsteps of fellow spirit-filled hardcore bands like Strongarm and Focal Point, With Increase also takes influence from metallic-bent acts such as Turmoil and Poison the Well, forging a sound that is captivating everyone who hears and sees them. This record is a must for true hardcore fans.

For fans of: Focal Point, Turning Point, Killing the Dream


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