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Withered Bones "In Search of Self-Evidence" Tape

Withered Bones "In Search of Self-Evidence" Tape

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WITHERED BONES stepped back and looked within themselves in an attempt to evoke genuine change. They are returning later this year with their new album, In Search Of Self-Evidence. The effort is filled with anxiety and discontentment, but those aggressive emotions aren’t without purpose. Taking notes from 2013’s wave of melodic hardcore, the band addresses a multitude of unpopular topics head-on, including issues within the church, social discontentment, and self-discovery. Set for release on December 8, 2017 via Blood & Ink Records, In Search of Self-Evidence is a journey to find answers for questions many of us don’t want to ask. Will you be listening?

Recorded and Mixed By Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege


25 - Smoky Tint
75 - Blue-Grey Tint

Cassette tapes includes a digital download code.

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